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National Highways
Builders Federation

Who We Are:

National Highways Builders Federation is an apex organization of all contractors/Builders of National Highways, State Highways and Bridges in the organized sector in all over the country. Its affairs are managed by the Managing Committee constituted to actively work for the welfare of road builders.

Aims & Objectives:

To promote the interest and to generally help persons engaged in the business of road building
To acquire and disseminate knowledge about working of road builders in other countries and induce the members to raise the standard of service, to impart up-to-date, scientifi c knowledge about new machinery and valuable results carried out in other countries, about use of new designs, materials etc.
To discuss, support, oppose any legislation or executive measures by legitimate means which may affect or likely to affect the road building industry.

(i) Safe- guard and defend legitimate rights and privileges of the members engaged in the road building.

(ii) Take up for consideration, discuss and push forward the view points of highway builders on questions generally affecting industry by organizing, promoting , attending conferences lectures or other useful functions.

(iii) Carry on propaganda in press by contributing articles or advertising in print/electronic media and to publish official versions for this purpose.

(iv) To represent offi cially the use of highways building to government, other agencies/ authorities, chambers of commerce, nominate /represent to serve on committees appointed by the Government legislative bodies or
similar other agencies.

(v) To organize training programmes/workshops for imparting knowledge for senior/middle levels and skilled/unskilled workers with the help of Government/Non-Government agencies.

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